The week's writes and reads, 04-17-16 
Sunday, April 17, 2016 at 10:00AM
Ian Casselberry

With The People v. O.J. Simpson over, I was asked to recap and review Ken Burns' Jackie Robinson documentary for Awful Announcing, which I loved doing. (Even if staying up to watch four hours of TV and trying to get those responses written for the morning was kind of a grind. Hey, it was only for this week.)

Speaking of O.J. Simpson, one of my radio appearances this week was on TSN 1260 in Edmonton to talk about ESPN's upcoming O.J.: Made in America documentary and look back at The People v. O.J. Simpson. Happy to be on the O.J. beat. 

I guess my Jackie Robinson articles can count as my baseball writing for the week, since editing work has kept me writing much about the 2016 MLB season since it began. I'm hoping to change that this upcoming week, especially since I'm on the radio to talk about baseball. In addition to my spots on ESPN Asheville, I made these three appearances this week. 

Marty & Miller Show, 1700 KGBB, Des Moines - Tuesday (04-12, Hour 3, 19:09 mark)
The Dave Jamieson Show, TSN 1260, Edmonton - Tuesday (33:04 mark)
The Huddle with Greg McKinney, ESPN Upstate, Greenville, SC - Thursday (14:40 mark) 

And here are the links to my writing and articles I thought were notable from the past week. Thank you, as always, for checking in!


Sportswriter David Walsh's story shows media dilemma in Lance Armstrong film The Program - Awful Announcing

Pete Rose really will write anything on a baseball, apologizes for shooting JFK - Awful Announcing
ESPN's Adam Schefter says he has no regrets over Greg Hardy interview - Awful Announcing
Political ads are coming to Fox Sports regional baseball telecasts near you - Awful Announcing
Watch: New Suicide Squad trailer has more Harley Quinn, Joker and... Batman? - The Comeback

In Part 1, Ken Burns' Jackie Robinson film defines the man, not the baseball icon - Awful Announcing
Dancing With the Stars, week 4: Antonio Brown breaks through, Doug Flutie in danger - The Comeback

In Part 2, Ken Burns' Jackie Robinson film focuses on battle for equality - Awful Announcing
Watch: Doctor Strange teaser trailer takes Marvel movies to dark, mysterious place - The Comeback

Wizards fans think Ted Leonsis didn't go far enough in firing Randy Wittman - The Comeback
What a joker! Jared Leto sent anal beads, used condoms to Suicide Squad cast - The Comeback
New Spider-Man film titled Spider-Man: Homecoming, eyes Michael Keaton for villain - The Comeback

The Jungle Book is a delight, with spectacular visuals and great voice work - The Comeback


-- Stephen King argues against more protective netting at baseball games. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had great dugout seats, but I'm in favor of more netting to protect fans in the stands. [Boston Globe]

-- How does NPR survive (and appease affiliate stations) in the age of podcasts, when so much audio programming can be heard online and through mobile devices on demand? [Slate]

-- With every baseball team embracing analytics, where is the new advantage to be found? Is it in health, recovery and injury prevention? [Sports Illustrated]

-- Italy and France are having a tiff over pasta carbonara. I wish I could have a dog in this fight. Mmm... carbs. [New Yorker]

-- Pasta is apparently a theme this week. A pastafarian wedding, anyone? Maybe I just need a plate of spaghetti or Pad See Ew. [NPR]

-- Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski became a TV phenomenon in 2014. Are they boosting figure skating's popularity? [SB Nation]

-- Some of David Foster Wallace's best writing was about tennis. [New Yorker]

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