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Previously, he has been a contributing writer for Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew, and SB Nation. In addition, he was a lead baseball writer for Bleacher Report. 

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He still plans to write that novel someday. 

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The week's writes and reads, 08-09-15

Summer vacations have been good for me on the radio. I subbed in as co-host with Pat Ryan on ESPN Asheville twice this week (in addition to my two regular baseball spots), which was a whole lot of fun. If you told me 20 years ago that I would someday make appearances or co-hosting spots on sports talk radio, I'd have been thrilled. I very much appreciate Pat giving me the opportunity to indulge a dream.

It kills me that I can't post podcasts to those shows, but big things are ahead for The WISE Guys which might include making those appearances available to a wider audience. But here are the radio hits I can share with you from this week: 

Marty & Miller Show, 1700 The Champ, Des Moines - Monday (8-3, Hour 1, 37:38 mark)
In the Huddle with Ragz, 750 the Game, Portland, OR - Monday

And here's what I wrote for the week. A little bit lighter toward the end of the week, with me going into the radio studio for a couple of days. But Awful Announcing still kept me busy enough. 


Watch: 'True Detective' season one not a fan of season two - The AP Party
Video: Olivia Munn gets her kicks in 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Psylocke training - The AP Party

Chris Mortensen admits he could have done 'better job vetting' DeflateGate report - Awful Announcing
Thanks, Bill Murray: Lee Corso can no longer dress as Florida State mascot - Awful Announcing
Knicks analyst Walt Frazier isn't very enthused about team's chances this season - Awful Announcing
NBC Sports Live Extra brings back 'Tactical Cam,' interactive features for Premier League coverage - Awful Announcing
Floyd Mayweather's next fight will be on pay-per-view, not CBS - Awful Announcing
Joel McHale makes it officlal: 'Community' is done after six seasons - The AP Party

Strangely, Tigers' win-now approach seemed to push out Dave Dombrowski - The Outside Corner

Ballers is not the new Playmakers and shouldn't concern the NFL - Awful Announcing 
Jon Stewart is pumped up that the Mets are in first place - The Outside Corner
NBC expects to top $1 billion in ad sales for 2016 Rio Olympics - Awful Announcing

'Fantastic Four' is better than its negative buzz, but still falls apart - The AP Party


-- Just not a good week for anyone involved with Fantastic Four. Josh Trank ripped Fox in a tweet before deleting it. Then star Miles Teller had this profile, which makes him look like a jerk. Comparing glassware to his cock to a female writer? Classy. [Esquire]

-- This is a really good explanation of how TV ratings work, and just how many people are watching, though it's obviously an inexact science. But it helps explain why sites like BuzzFeed, Vice are trying hard to get their brands and content onto television. The internet only has so much reach, believe it or not. [Medium]

-- As long as Tom Cruise makes cool action movies, people seem to be able to separate what they see on screen from the weirdo he seems to be in real life. The key seems to be making action movies, though. When's the last time Cruise performed in any sort of drama? [Vulture]

-- Film critic Glenn Kenny was a friend of David Foster Wallace. He's not too thrilled about the attempt to make a movie featuring Wallace, with Jason Segel portraying him. As you might expect, Kenny has major problems with how Segel plays Wallace. I have to believe that will be a huge obstacle for anyone familiar with Wallace, or who knew him well. [The Guardian]


The week's writes and reads, 08-02-15

It figured to be a busy week with the MLB Trade Deadline on Friday. But after noting all of my posts for the week, I'm kind of surprised at how much I wrote. Thanks for being interesting and newsworthy, baseball! 

One radio appearance podcasted for the week. Tony James and Ryan Roberts subbed in on Des Moines' 1700 The Champ for Marty Tirrell and Ken Miller, and asked if I could come on to talk about trade deadline news. Fortunately, they had a spot open after the 4 p.m. ET deadline. 

Marty & Miller Show, 1700 The Champ, Des Moines - Friday (7-31, Hour 3, 34:40 mark)

No reading links for this week. There just wasn't any time for reading anything non-baseball related! 


'Southpaw' misses badly with its punches, making you wish for another movie - The AP Party
'Vacation' screenwriters to script new Spider-Man movie - The AP Party
LeSean McCoy said media took 'ladies only' party invite out of context - Awful Announcing
Watch: Will Ferrell takes over MLB in 'Ferrell Takes the Field' trailer - The AP Party

Trading Troy Tulowitzki begins Rockies' much-needed reconstruction project - The Outside Corner
Damon Amendolara, other CBS Sports Radio hosts, take shots at Mike Francesa - Awful Announcing
Johnny Cueto dons a Royal crown upon joining Kansas City - The Outside Corner
Former Tennessean beat writer Jim Wyatt to work for Titans' official site - Awful Announcing
Mets reliever Jenrry Mejia tests positive for PEDs again, suspended 162 games - The Outside Corner
Watch: Omar Infante, Alcides Escobar turn dazzling play for Royals - The Outside Corner

Mets get their big bat, nabbing Carlos Gomez from Brewers - The Outside Corner
Eli Manning and Tony Romo in Rob Lowe-style ads for DirecTV - Awful Announcing
Watch: Troy Tulowitzki hits his first home run for Blue Jays - The Outside Corner

Cardinals' Matt Holliday re-injures quad, return to DL likely - The Outside Corner
Netflix plans to provide a dose of Marvel TV every six months - The AP Party
Hulk Hogan accuses Gawker of leaking racist rant in new court documents filed - Awful Announcing 
Stephen A. Smith lashes out at those who doubted his Tom Brady report - Awful Announcing 
Pat Murphy says he pulled Justin Upton, Tyson Ross to mess with media - The Outside Corner 
ESPN Radio announces three teams to fill Colin Cowherd's former slot in August - Awful Announcing 
Yankees get Dustin Ackley from Mariners for two minor leaguers - The Outside Corner 
Crying shame: Lack of originality among Wednesday's NY tabloids - Awful Announcing
Tigers' reboot continues, Joakim Soria traded to Pirates - The Outside Corner 

Winners and losers of the 2015 MLB Trade Deadline - The Outside Corner
'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' is the action movie we've wanted all summer - The AP Party
MLB Network apparently slaps temporary logo on wall behind Ken Rosenthal - Awful Announcing


The week's writes and reads, 07-05-15

Strangely, with a holiday ending the week, I somehow ended busier on Friday than I can remember being in quite some time. That's at least partially due to gaining some more responsibility at Awful Announcing.

This week, I began serving as one of the site's associate editors, which means that I'll be writing a lot more for Awful Announcing than the one or two pieces I may have contributed per week. (I'm still doing the thing at The Outside Corner and The AP Party!) I'm very grateful to Matt Yoder and Ben Koo for offering me the opportunity, and it's a thrill to made a greater contribution to a site that I've always read and admired. 

And with that, here's the writing I did this past week. Somehow, I managed to file two pieces on Monday, despite babysitting my two nieces during the day. Not much usually gets done when those little angels are around. I must have stuck them in front of the TV to give myself a chance to write. 

No reading links this week, as I either didn't read anything of note or just neglected to save those links throughout the week. Take a guess which applies. 


Ben Affleck, Matt Damon producing movie about FIFA scandal and Chuck Blazer - Awful Announcing

'Ted 2' can't even do its job of making us laugh - The AP Party
Watch: Olivia Munn shows off Psylocke sword training for 'X-Men: Apocalypse' - The AP Party

Feud between Scioscia and Dipoto makes Angels fascinating case study - The Outside Corner
Watch: 'I Am Chris Farley' trailer covers sensation, tragedy of late comedian - The AP Party
Video: Chris Pratt imitates Jason Statham in 'SNL' Cut For Time sketch - The AP Party

Watch: Jim Harbaugh's 'clunker' interview with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio - Awful Announcing
Watch: First trailer for 'Creed,' 'Rocky' spinoff starring Michael B. Jordan - The AP Party
ESPN and Marvel join forces for '1 of 1 - Origins' series of short films - Awful Announcing 
Twins' future is now, call up top prospect Miguel Sano - The Outside Corner
Watch: Stephen Colbert hosts cable access show in Monroe, Mich. (feat. Eminem) - The AP Party

'Terminator: Genisys' should kill off the Terminator film franchise - The AP Party
Fan who wouldn't cut hair until Jose Fernandez returned gets haircut from pitcher - The Outside Corner

Watch: John Kruk sings with Davisson Brothers Band for ESPN July 4th baseball coverage - Awful Announcing
'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' gets Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con cover - The AP Party
Watch: First trailer for 'Steve Jobs,' starring Michael Fassbender - The AP Party
Charity wins: A-Rod, Yankees settle dispute over $6 million milestone bonus - The Outside Corner
A-Rod gets 3,000th hit ball from Zack Hample, charity gets $150K donation - The Outside Corner

Astros' first base-DH surplus now helps to cover George Springer injury - The Outside Corner
Japan-England Women's World Cup match draws 2.3 milion viewers on Fox Sports 1 - Awful Announcing


The week's writes and reads, 06-28-15

All right — lots of stuff this week, so let's dispense with a long intro. Here were my radio and podcast appearances during the past seven days. 

750 The Game in Portland, OR - Monday
Jimmy B & TC in Des Moines, IA - Tuesday (6-23, Hour 2, 20:15 mark)
Maximus & The Bartender, - Tuesday (55:00 mark)
Marty & Miller Show in Des Moines, IA - Friday (6-26, Hour 3, 18:50 mark)

In what may be the highlight of the week, this happened. (Thanks to Purple Row's Bryan Kilpatrick for bringing it to my attention.) 

I honestly can't remember when I posted that tweet, probably toward the beginning of the season. If I ever meet Troy Tulowitzki, I'm sure he won't remember this. And maybe it would be smart of me not to bring it up. 

OK, here is the past week's writing, along with the stuff I thought was worth reading. Much appreciation for you checking in. 


How 'Ballers' can use NFL team logos without league permission - Awful Announcing
Watch: Tom Cruise all action in new 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' trailer - The AP Party

With breakout performance, Twins' Byron Buxton joins stellar rookie class - The Outside Corner
'Hannibal' can no longer delay inevitable, canceled by NBC - The AP Party
Tom Holland is the new movie Spider-Man, Jon Watts to direct - The AP Party
Watch: Maya Rudolph imitates Rachel Dolezal on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' - The AP Party

DraftKings loses Disney's $250 million investment, still signs exclusive ad deal with ESPN - Awful Announcing

Franklin Gutierrez returns, but Mariners need more than nice story - The Outside Corner
Watch: Chuck Palahniuk reads from... 'Fight Club 4 Kids'? - The AP Party

Mets' slide may get Terry Collins fired, but team isn't good enough - The Outside Corner
He's outta there! Ryne Sandberg resigns as Phillies manager - The Outside Corner

Bad break: Giancarlo Stanton suffers broken bone in hand, out 4-6 weeks - The Outside Corner

This week's reading >>


-- If there was one person's response I wanted to read on the Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage, it was Andrew Sullivan. [The Dish]

-- I'd always been in favor of gay marriage. I didn't really understand why anyone would be against it. (Oh, I was so naive.) But not until reading Sullivan's 1989 essay, "Here Comes the Groom," did I really get why the concept of marriage was so important to certain gay people. [The New Republic]

-- One of those trends that you maybe didn't quite notice was a thing, but I'm glad Roberto Ferdman wrote about it. What is up with waitstaff snatching up those plates as soon as you're done, even if the entire party isn't done? [Washington Post]

-- The baseball bat is a crucial piece of equipment that always figured to be what it's always been. I mean, you can fatten the barrel or skim the handle, but the basic design is the same, right? But what if that knob on the end of the handle — one which may cause hand injuries — can be altered? [Yahoo! Sports]

-- Many of you probably know that Eric Stoltz was the original star of Back to the Future, not Michael J. Fox. But how exactly did the process of replacing Stoltz go with producers and director Robert Zemeckis? This is really intriguing. [Vulture]


The week's writes and reads, 06-20-15

It was a pretty good week, writing-wise, though I'm thinking about the piece I didn't get around to finishing, which was something on the 10th anniversary of Batman Begins. I'll probably write that for next week, but I was really hoping to get that done for June 15, the date the film was released. Not sure that matters to anyone but me, but there it is. 

Like many of you, I found it difficult to read about anything else — let alone write about baseball and pop culture — after the mass shooting that happened in Charleston Wednesday night. I felt like maybe I should write something here or even make a comment on social media, but ultimately wondered if I needed to do so. The mistake some of us make, I think, is feeling like we need to comment on everything. 

I've posted my thoughts on gun violence and the gun control debate before, but it just becomes the same arguments over and over between two sides that aren't going to change their minds. I see people trading their opinions on social media and it just makes me want to log off. But maybe it's weak to stay quiet when we need to be having these discussions.

Thankfully, there were some great writers out there who stepped up with some excellent essays on the matter this week. 

So here are the articles I wrote, followed by what I felt was really worth reading during the past week. As always, thank you for checking in. 


'Jurassic World' provides the right mix of nostalgia and new - The AP Party
Channing Tatum's X-Men spinoff 'Gambit' finds director in Rupert Wyatt - The AP Party

Derek Jeter, The Players' Tribune raise $9.5 million in venture capital funding - Awful Announcing
Why the Reds shouldn't be sellers at the trade deadline - The Outside Corner

'Love & Mercy' gives musician Brian Wilson the treatment his story deserves - The AP Party
Marvel congratulates 'Jurassic World' for breaking 'Avengers' box office record - The AP Party

Ranking MLB position player pitching performances of the past two nights - The Outside Corner
Barack Obama appearing on 'WTF with Marc Maron' podcast - The AP Party
Michael Oher thinks 'The Blind Side' created a negative impression of him - Awful Announcing
Cole Hamels, Phillies prank media with empty locker and nameplate - The Outside Corner

When A-Rod goes for 3,000 hits, it's cause for apathy and shrugs - The Outside Corner
Watch: Vindictive German guy splits everything with ex-wife -- literally - The AP Party
Alex Rodriguez cranks home run for career hit No. 3,000 - The Outside Corner
Famed 'baseball collector' Zack Hample caught A-Rod's 3,000th hit - The Outside Corner

This week's reading >>


-- You've likely already seen this passed around Facebook or Twitter, but if you read one thing about the Charleston shootings, it should be Charles Pierce's essay. What happened is not unspeakable, and we should most certainly talk about it. [Esquire]

-- Jamelle Bouie writes about the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church where this attack took place, and why it's a historically significant institution in black history, in the South. [Slate]

-- I don't live very far from South Carolina, where the Confederate flag still flies at the Capitol. Of course, I've seen that flag on several car window decals and license plates. Those who support the symbol will cite the history and heritage it represents. But it also represents an America that no longer exists (though some obviously haven't gotten over that). Ta-Nehisi Coates is right (as he often is). The flag needs to be taken down. [The Atlantic]

-- Bouie wrote another piece on the history of "they're raping our women" and "they're taking over our country" being used as a justification for racial violence and terrorism in this country. [Slate]

-- I'll admit my sleep schedule prevented me from watching as much of the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final as I wanted to. (Maybe there was some lack of interest too.) But I enjoyed a lot of what was written about the NBA playoffs. Erik Malinowski was great covering the Warriors' run to a championship. [Sports on Earth]


The week's writes and reads, 05-17-15

A little bit of a lighter week for me, writing-wise, as more of my time was spent editing articles for Bloguin's pop culture site, The AP Party. But that's a good problem to have, as it means we're getting more content to run. 

Also, I had the delight of babysitting my little nieces last week with my mother, as their preschool was closed on Friday. As you'll see, there wasn't much work done that day — at least as far as writing goes. Actually, I had to scuttle three radio appearances as well. But it was worth it to hang out with those adorable kiddos. So much fun.

Earlier in the week, I did call in to The Maximus Show on, however. Here's a link to that podcast.

The Maximus Show, - Tuesday


Jay Mariotti attacks Bill Simmons and "fanboy media" in baffling, out-of-touch rant - Awful Announcing

Watch: Max Kellerman sticks up for Manny Pacquiao fighting injured - Awful Announcing
James McAvoy's Professor Xavier finally bald, per Bryan Singer's Instagram - The AP Party

Josh Hamilton signs baby's butt before rehab game with Triple-A Round Rock - The Outside Corner
Kenan Thompson confirms he's returning to 'SNL' for 13th season - The AP Party
Watch: Elvis Andrus must touch Adrian Beltre's head after home run - The Outside Corner
Marvel Comics reveals identity of new, female Thor - The AP Party
Video: ABC is bringing back 'The Muppets' Tuesday nights this fall - The AP Party
Watch: Phillies' Sean O'Sullivan snares line drive with bare hand - The Outside Corner

As Rockies crumble, Tulowitzki contemplates trade request, setting bleak future - The Outside Corner
Watch: New 'Crimson Peak' trailer terrorizes poor Mia Wasikowska - The AP Party

Video: First look at CBS' 'Supergirl' series is cheesy, but fun - The AP Party
Watch: Samantha Bee breaks up sausage fest in teaser for new TBS show - The AP Party
Video: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' trailer continues CW publicity blitz - The AP Party

'Mad Max: Fury Road' is glorious, thrilling freak show, unlike anything you've seen - The AP Party


-- I don't know how much interest the general public has, but those in media are extremely intrigued by the Bill Simmons-ESPN split. James Andrew Miller is kind of the authority on the behind-the-scenes happenings at the network after writing his book, Those Guys Have All the Fun. He might have another book on his hands with the Simmons situation. This could be his version of Bill Carter's The Late Shift. [Vanity Fair]

-- One of Marc Maron's best WTF interviews was with Judd Apatow. Apatow got to switch roles and interview Maron just before season three of Maron premiered on IFC. [Vulture]

-- Among the many curiosities of Mad Max: Fury Road (my review of which is linked above) is that Hugh Keays-Byrne — who was the bad guy, Toecutter, in the original Mad Max — reunited with director George Miller to play a new villain, Immortan Joe, in the latest version of  post-apocalyptic road race/freak show. [Business Insider]

I'll have to get some more reading done next week. I'm slacking!


The week's writes and reads, 04-19-15

Well, hello everybody! Thanks for checking in.

I've noticed a few of my favorite writers either writing up an end-of-the-week post which includes all of the articles they've written over the past seven days, along with links to the best articles they've read. Some of these writers are even doing this with newsletters. To your email inbox! 

OK, I'm not about to create a newsletter. I, nor what I write and read, is that interesting. And I probably post a lot of this stuff on Twitter and Facebook in a given week, anyway. Ultimately, I'd probably end up crestfallen and depressed when a tiny number of you subscribed to my attempt at a newsletter. 

But what is this blog for, if not to just post whatever the hell I want? So here is the stuff I wrote for the week ending April 18, 2015. (These links can also be seen on the main page of this website.) And the best stuff I read this week, when I could remember to save the links to those articles. 

(Ideally, this would be posted on Saturdays. But since I was working on something in the morning, I had to push it until Sunday. We'll see if I can keep to a schedule. You know, like a disciplined writer who cares about his readers would.) 

By the way, the written work for this week includes my debut on Bloguin's NFL site, This Given Sunday. My first post mostly contains baseball, but I hope to be contributing regularly there through the spring and summer, and certainly during football season. I'm grateful for the opportunity to try my hand at writing about another sport. Bloguin continues to be a great writing home for me. 


My first Daredevil comic book - Casselbloggy
Video: Paul Rudd makes small look big in 'Ant-Man' trailer - The AP Party
Sylvester Stallone posts photo from 'Rocky' spinoff 'Creed' - The AP Party
Huge 'X-Men: Apocalypse' cast adds Olivia Munn as Psylocke - The AP Party
The 12-year-old ESPN Bracket Challenge winner is going to Hawaii, courtesy of - Awful Announcing

Rolling out the early-season MLB 'Jump to Conclusions' mat - The Outside Corner
Former heavyweight champ Riddick Bowe will tweet anything you'd like for 20 bucks - Awful Announcing
Video: The Avengers cast plays Family Feud on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - The AP Party

10 MLB players that need to step up in 2015 - The Outside Corner
Let's get it on! MTV is bringing back 'Celebrity Deathmatch' - Awful Announcing
Yes, the Dennis Quaid meltdown video was a prank - The AP Party

Could Russell Wilson realistically become a two-sport star? - This Given Sunday
Second trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' has awakened - The AP Party

Video: 'Star Wars' trailer brings Matthew McConaughey to tears - The AP Party

Dark, grim 'Batman v Superman' trailer provides spectacle, but not much fun - The AP Party


For many consecutive years, I have not watched the NBA as I used to. This year may have been the least I watched any basketball — pro or college — due to my health issues through the fall and winter. But I'll try to pick it up during the playoffs. This New York Times piece by Andrew Keh about the Houston Rockets' James Harden and his ability to draw fouls fascinated me. What I especially enjoyed is Harden explaining how he added more to his game for this season, something that greats like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan always did. 

How did the Orlando Magic of the 1990s, with Shaquille O'Neal, Anfernee Hardaway and Dennis Scott not win a NBA championship? Jonathan Abrams compiles an oral history of that era in team history for Grantland. 

Seriously, how does that ball droid BB-8 in the new Star Wars movie work? A stationary head with a rolling ball for a body doesn't seem physically possible. Is it a CGI effect? Or a marvel of engineering? ScreenCrush's Mike Sampson looks at a few theories of how the droid might function

Why did Jon Stewart decide to leave The Daily Show now? What went into that decision? The Guardian's Hadley Freeman spoke to Stewart twice over the past year, during which he admitted he doesn't get the same satisfaction out of doing the show and the prospect of doing another election in which nothing would likely be notably different fueled the decision. But there's much more to it, as well.