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James Gandolfini on 'Sesame Street' in 2002

James Gandolfini was on Sesame Street?

Yes, he was — back in 2002.

I think I got some dust in my eye while watching that. Who wouldn't want a hug from the big guy? 

I realize having actors and other celebrities on Sesame Street is about appealing to the adults who may be watching with their kids. But I'd love to know how this was pitched.

"Yeah, the guy who plays Tony Soprano. The one who strangled that guy in the witness protection program while he was visiting college with his daughter. We think he'd be good with Zoe."

Anyway, here's Gandolfini talking about feeling scared. It's kind of jolting to hear his regular voice. His Tony Soprano Jersey accent and way of talking is so natural that it seems like it must be how Gandolfini really speaks. Who's this guy with the gentle, nasally voice?

But we can all agree that giant talking vegetables are terrifying, right? 

(via Vulture)


Did I already have James Gandolfini on my mind? 

After looking over James Gandolfini's filmography, I clicked over to my Netflix queue. Apparently, I already had him on my mind, with two of his most recent films among the top three on my list. 

I wonder if those movies will be in more demand now? I would bet yes. 


Check out James Gandolfini in 'Where the Wild Things Are'

When you talk about James Gandolfini, obviously you have to talk about Tony Soprano.

He was perhaps the most memorable character on TV and in pop culture over the past 15 years. Some might say he was one of the most important figures in TV history. 

But in light of his sudden death at the age of 51, I keep thinking about Gandolfini's voice performance as Carol in Where the Wild Things Are. It's my favorite thing about that movie.

The playfulness, childlike wonder and eventual wisdom that Gandolfini conveys is so poignant. Those who knew him say he was a kind, gentle person (unlike the self-centered, sociopathic Tony Soprano). That certainly comes across here. 

In reading about Gandolfini's career, I see In the Loop and Not Fade Away mentioned as two of his notable post-Sopranos performances. I definitely plan to see those. Not Fade Away was already at the top of my Netflix queue. It may now be a longer wait on that one when I'm ready for it.

Here's to you, James Gandolfini. Fifty-one years old is too young an age for anyone, regardless of profession or accomplishment, to die.