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Which movies would make great TV shows? 

Between taking a bit of a writing break over Thanksgiving and then trying my best to keep up with the news cycle in baseball, I haven't written anything for The AP Party in a couple of weeks. But I finally got something posted there today.

With recent news that we'll soon be getting TV shows based on The Terminator, Sin City and From Dusk Till Dawn, I thought I'd put together a list of other movies that would transition well to television. But a list of five soon became eight. And if you have eight, why not just make it 10? 

One movie that seems like it would make a great TV show is Minority Report.

A sci-fi police drama? How could this not be a huge success, especially with the high concept of creating a program that is able to anticipate crimes and stop them before being committed. PreCrime! In Steven Spielberg's 2002 film starring Tom Cruise, the PreCrime program is eventually shuttered when it can't prevent a murder, thus failing to accomplish its exact objective.

A TV series could either pick up from this point and perhaps follow an attempt to revive the PreCrime program, perhaps led by the cop who exposed its flaws. Or, as with several other of the shows we've listed here, this could reboot the movie and start an entirely new story in a world where the PreCrime program has kept Washington, D.C. (or any other large metropolitan city) safe for years.

You can read the full article here. There are nine other movies on the list. And now that I'm looking everything over, I realize I forgot one or two other ideas. Maybe I'll do another list next year. 


The last 10 films I've seen

It's been a couple of months since I posted a list of the last 10 films I've seen. I suppose it would be kind of crazy if I was able to assemble one of these every couple of weeks.

As I've written previously, one of my favorite features in Film Comment magazine is directors listing the last 10 films they've seen. If nothing else in the latest issue interests me, at least I'll look at these lists. It's often surprising to see what filmmakers are watching, especially if it's vastly different from the work they're known for. 

So here are the last 10 films I've seen, as of Nov. 1, 2013.

(I've already written some about Thor: The Dark World and 12 Years a Slave, so I've obviously seen more movies since then. Quite a few, actually, so I'll have another 10 films soon. Hey, baseball season's over! But I wanted this list to date back to my previous one.) 

Ender's Game - Gavin Hood, 2013
Dracula - John Badham, 1979
The Counselor - Ridley Scott, 2013
Watchmen - Zach Snyder, 2009
Captain Phillips - Paul Greengrass, 2013
Machete Kills - Robert Rodriguez, 2013
Gravity - Alfonso Cuarón, 2013
Not Fade Away - David Chase, 2012
Enough Said - Nicole Holofcener, 2013
Prisoners - Denis Villeneuve, 2013

Please post your own lists, if interested, either in the comments or as a guest post in the future. I'd love to see them. 


The last 10 films I've seen

One of my favorite features in Film Comment magazine is directors listing the last 10 films they've seen.

Even when a particular month's issue has nothing I'm interested in, I'll at least take a look at those lists. It's intriguing to see filmmakers known for historical dramas, for instance, perhaps unwittingly confess to a love for horror movies. Or you can see what certain directors are studying, who their influences are and so forth. 

Since I'm all about me, I've been wanting to post such a list for myself. But in typical Casselbloggy fashion, that kept getting pushed back for more timely posts or procrastination. Some of the directors go way back with the films they chose to watch. Since I'm not studying or looking for inspiration, but just consuming, most of the movies on my list are recent. 

So here are the last 10 films I've seen. I hope to get others posting their lists, either in the comments or as guest blog posts in the future. 

The Grandmaster - Wong Kar-wai, 2013
Closed Circuit - John Crowley, 2013
Savages - Oliver Stone, 2012
Liberal Arts - Josh Radnor, 2012
Unfinished Song - Paul Andrew Williams, 2012
Elysium - Neill Blomkamp, 2013
The Way, Way Back - Nat Faxon and Jim Rash, 2013
Only God Forgives - Nicolas Winding Refn, 2013
Fruitvale Station - Ryan Coogler, 2013
The Wolverine - James Mangold, 2013


As I mentioned, I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while. But time keeps moving, and I keep adding movies to the list. So just because, here are the 10 movies I watched prior to that first list. 

Drive - Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011
Pacific Rim - Guillermo Del Toro, 2013
Sharknado - Anthony C. Ferrante, 2013 (TV)
The Man With the Iron Fists - RZA, 2012
Blade - Stephen Norrington, 1998
People Like Us - Alex Kurtzman, 2012
Real Steel - Shawn Levy, 2011
The Dark Knight Rises - Christopher Nolan, 2012
Before Midnight - Richard Linklater, 2013
World War Z - Marc Forster, 2013

All right, let's do one more. Like I said, this has been brewing for a long time. I first wanted to post the movies I recently watched in May.

Man of Steel - Zack Snyder, 2013
Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic - Marina Zenovich, 2013 (TV)
Behind the Candelabra - Steven Soderbergh, 2013 (TV)
Mud - Jeff Nichols, 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness - J.J. Abrams, 2013
The Crow - Alex Proyas, 1994
Iron Man 3 - Shane Black, 2013
The Place Beyond the Pines - Derek Cianfrance, 2013
Blue Valentine - Derek Cianfrance, 2010
42 - Brian Helgeland, 2013

OK, so this turned into the last 30 movies I've watched. Not a bad summer, as it turns out. This is something I'll probably be doing on a recurring basis, once I notch another 10 on my viewing list. I'm hoping to find out what friends and fellow bloggers have been watching as well.