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Oh, the White House press corps can be so funny!

I wasn't the only guy who watched the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night, was I? 

Well, since you had better things to do, here's what you missed: Steven Spielberg's 'Obama.'

Daniel Day-Lewis probably could play Obama. If not, Meryl Streep should get a shot.

But actually, the far more entertaining video was the House of Cards spoof. Lots of inside Washington media baseball in there, but fun if you follow that stuff closely. 

Mostly, this just made me want the second season of HoC even sooner. 


"Will You Kiss Me? I Like to Be Kissed When... "

After the debacle that was January Jones hosting Saturday Night Live (quite possibly the least funny episode ever), I was almost ready to give up on it for the season. Fortunately, I decided to give this past weekend's show a chance before calling it a night. The cold open - particularly Jenny Slade's shrill delivery - gave me reason enough to stick it out.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's fabulously energetic opening monologue is also well worth your time, if you missed it. But "Will you kiss me? I like to be kissed when someone is doing sex to me!" made the night. Painfully funny, because it's so true.

It's too bad Fred Armisen has completely given up on trying to hone his imitation of Barack Obama, however.


Keeping It Ugly

Why is it always the Republicans who make things ugly?

Can it be that much of a surprise that it was a Republican Congressman, Joe Wilson of South Carolina, who disrespected the President of the United States by shouting at him like a heckler would at a ballgame? Who embarrassed the institution in which he was elected to serve with his behavior?

Wilson shouted "You lie!" from his seat. Yet it's his party that spreads mistruths such as a new health plan would set up "death panels" for senior citizens. That continues to enable outlandish beliefs like Barack Obama not being born in the United States.

This fear-mongering picks right up where the presidential campaign left off, with the opposition trying to portray Obama as some radical by saying he was Muslim, that he associated with terrorists.

No, not all Republicans were doing this. And perhaps I shouldn't speak in such general terms when that sort of behavior disenfranchised so many conservatives during the campaign that they ended up voting for Obama.

But again I ask, why is it always a Republican who drags things down into the dirt, who lowers the discourse into shouting matches, insults, and disrespect?

At the end of his speech, President Obama said "I still believe we can replace acrimony with civility, and gridlock with progress." He has much more faith in his fellow legislators than I do.

  • According to the Washington Post's Dana Milbank, it wasn't just Wilson who made it an ugly scene in the House of Representatives last night.
  • Did Wilson actually refuse to make a public apology on the House floor when asked to do so by his own party leaders?
  • Jeff Pearlman thinks Wilson actually did Obama a favor by making the speech instantly memorable and showing how irrationally the opposition has been behaving.