Ian Casselberry is a freelance writer, currently based in Asheville, NC. He is an editor at The Comeback and Awful Announcing

Previously, he has been a contributing writer for Yahoo! Sports' Big League Stew, and SB Nation. In addition, he was a lead baseball writer for Bleacher Report. 

You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook, where he craves your attention.

He still plans to write that novel someday. 

("Pearls Before Swine" © 2005 Stephan Pastis)
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I can't let this photo of Sistah Girl go unnoticed

Sometimes when writing an article, I collect more photos than I'm able to use. I mean, I could put all of them in, but it would probably throw off the visual flow of the post (three paragraphs, photo, three paragraphs, photo, etc.). 

If I'm really enamored with a photo, I'll occasionally save it. Although that really makes no sense. It's just sitting in a folder and I notice it because it's something I have to scroll past on the way to the photo I need to use. No one else is going to see it but me. 

So I thought maybe I could post those photos here once in a while. If no one else appreciates them, at least I can. I probably won't always be able to do this, as some of the images are copyrighted and paid for by the particular outlets I'm working with. (Actually, they're likely all copyrighted, but certain organizations or photographers are more punitive about enforcing that than others.) 

This week, I finally wrote something that I've wanted to do for some time: a tribute to the movie Undercover Brother, which I feel is terribly underrated. There was a timely aspect to it as well, since the film's writer, John Ridley, just won an Academy Award for writing the screenplay 12 Years a Slave. I've been a huge admirer of Ridley's work in film, television, comic books and political commentary for years, and was eager to say so. 

The photo above is of Aunjanue Ellis, who plays Sistah Girl in the movie. I thought she'd go on to a great career after Undercover Brother, but she kind of got lost in the Hollywood shuffle (and, I imagine, the lack of great roles for African-American actresses) and has worked in supporting roles in movies and TV since then. I was happy to find this photo of Ellis from the film, but ultimately didn't use it. And that seemed like a shame, so it's going here. 


The Bookshelf Devoted to Writing Well

In anticipation of getting Casa de Casselberry ready to put on the market, we've begun the process of clearing out what's not being kept and packing up whatever's making the trip to wherever the next stop is.

Today, I was going through my father's office, beginning with his bookshelf. And I never realized he had so many books about writing. These are just a handful (apologies for the photo quality; the lighting in the room wasn't very good):

Dad always was a stickler for good English. I knew that. One of the last gifts I ever bought for him was Eats, Shoots & Leaves. And he ticked me off a couple of times when he'd read a story or essay of mine and point out grammatical mistakes, rather than give me feedback on character or structure.

But I still had no idea he felt so strongly (or perhaps was so insecure) about writing well to almost fill up an entire bookshelf in his office. This will be added to the list of conversations I wish we'd had before he died. (I can only imagine what he would've thought of the work I've managed to publish since then.)


Street with a View

The older I get, and the longer I'm here, the more appreciation I have for the neighborhood I live in. For instance, I barely have to walk out of my driveway to get some fall colors.

(Strangely, once you get past this block, the leaves have barely changed color. Go figure.)

I don't know how much longer I'll be here, but no matter where I go, I sometimes get the feeling I won't have the same trees, the same places to walk, the same quiet.


Just a Piece of Paper Now

Unfortunately, I won't have any use for this ticket today.

I guess this is a collector's item now?  Sort of?  I missed out on most of the Tigers' playoff run in 2006, so this would've been fun.  Staying home to watch football and catch up on Mad Men will have to fill the void instead.


Bad Decisions in Photo Posting

So I may have gotten a little carried away after the Detroit Tigers' 7-6 win yesterday over the Seattle Mariners. Clete Thomas drove in the game-winning run, which inspired me to, well... see for yourself.

Mostly, it was because the AP photos that we're allowed to run at SportsBlogs Nation hadn't yet posted any images of Thomas's late-game heroics. But maybe, subconsciously, I also wanted to sell a few t-shirts.

Should I mention that the shirts taste like victory? (Hey, I needed to hold the shirt up while my left hand took the picture...)